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I'm a Spanish composer and sound designer. I play the piano and I've studied classical music composition at the conservatory in Spain.

I have also worked at a sound design company in Portugal, where I did audio design, mixing, audio branding, and produced music for TV and documentary films.

I currently work as a freelancer in Munich .


TV & Sound Design

Film Music

World War 1 Portugal - Theme
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Pára-me de Repente o Pensamento - Credits
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Carta ao meu avô - Minha querida Sofia
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La miel también puede ser negra - Credits
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Other Projects


Chromatic Walk is a compilation of the sound textures I've used in the sound installation Sound Color Collidoscope, where the sound is determined depending on the colours present on a live video feed.

The idea was to create music that could interact with the listener 's surroundings.

Undefined Color


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