Irene Orta Cintado, Huelva (Spain)

I started playing the piano when I was nine and went to music school for 10 years. In the Professional Conservatory of Music in Huelva I had my first composition lessons with composer Juan José Raposo in 2007. After finishing high school in Riotinto (Huelva), I started Computer Science at the University, but decided to leave after the first semester to study music composition.

From 2009 to 2013 I studied at the Music Conservatory "Rafael Orozco" in Cordova, with composers Francisco Martín Quintero and Juan de Dios García Aguilera, and I got a degree in music composition. The last year of my studies, the Cordova Symphonic Orchestra performed one of my pieces.

In 2014 I started working at Billyboom Sound Design in Lisbon as a sound designer, but I worked as a composer too when the company had music projects.

In 2014 I started also a Master of Music in Electroacoustic Composition in the Music School "Katarina Gurska" in Madrid, with composers Alberto Bernal and Sergio Luque. There, I did a project of interactive music that reacts to the colours of a live video feed, Sound Color Collidoscope, using MaxMSP and Supercollider, finishing the master's programme in 2015.

I worked until 2017 at Billyboom, where I produced music for TV channels and programs, and produced the music for the documentary films "Pára-me de repente o pensamento", "Carta ao meu avo" and "Setembro a vida inteira".

Now I have moved to Munich with my partner and I'm looking for projects as a freelance composer and sound designer.

© 2018 Irene Orta Cintado

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